Arch B. Taylor Jr. God for All

"God our Savior desires everyone to be saved" (1Tim 2:4). Does God get what God wants? «Yes, but–» depending on how we read the Bible. The Bible is universal: One God, Sovereign Creator of everything, especially humanity in God's image, God's partner to manage creation. Science and evolution say humanity evolved, gradually acquiring superior capabilities. We have yet to transcend animal nature and acknowledge oneness of creation under God. Humans exploited our semi-divine status, becoming alienated. God chose Israelites/Jews for blessing and reconciling humanity. They exploited chosenness, so God sent the Jew Jesus to reveal God's gracious concern for all people. Roman political and Jewish religious power killed Jesus, but he appeared resurrected to his disciples, who proclaimed him Savior. God gave another Jew, Paul, a vision of Jesus resurrected and appointed him to proclaim God's reconciliation to Gentiles. Paul taught that through the faithfulness of Jesus, Gentiles too become God's people and share Israel's blessings without becoming Jews. All who experience reconciliation share Jesus's partnership with God. «We toil and struggle, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe» (1 Tim 4:10).

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James R. Wilkes The Glory Walk

The Glory Walk is a brief work explaining to Christians what living for God's glory is all about. It is a summons to believers to live in the bigger picture of God's kingdom with God's purposes in view. We must face the reality that western culture is man-centered, that one's natural tendencies are toward self-glory, and that the grace of God is what is deeply needed to fulfill our purposes in God's created order. Christians need to be God-centered, oriented by the truth of God's Word, focused on the gospel, and completely dependent on God. We must see clearly that our God is infinitely glorious. Thus, He is worthy to receive our worship and praise. The believer's duty is to live intentionally for God's glory alone. However, duty must not carry with it the idea of drudgery. Instead, by God's grace, we delight in him and desire his glory to be known. The teachings in The Glory Walk call believers to the joyful life of exalting Christ!

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Stephen M. Garrett God's Beauty-in-Act

Jurgen Moltmann and others contend that Christian theology and the church face a dual crisis–one of relevance and the other of identity. Despite making this pronouncement nearly forty years ago, the church in the West continues to struggle with this crisis. Several proposals have been espoused, from the way of wisdom to the way of ecclesial praxis. Yet, little attention is given in Protestant theological discourse to the role God's beauty plays in bringing theology and ethics together. By neglecting God's beauty for theological discourse, we risk diminishing Christian worship, witness, and wisdom.
God's Beauty-in-Act addresses these issues, in part, by arguing that the redemptive-creative suffering and glorious resurrection of Christ are the nexus of God's being, beauty, and Christian living. God's beauty, understood as the fittingness of the incarnate Son's actions in the Spirit to the Father's will, radiates God's glory and draws perceivers into the dramatic movements of God's triune life. These movements serve as the patterns that shape the imagination, enabling participants to perform their parts creatively and fittingly in God's drama of redemption. In doing so, human beings flourish as they jettison false identities and realities of their own making that are incommensurate with God's purpose found in Christ by the Spirit.

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Randy Rheaume God the Son

John's portrait of Jesus is breathtaking yet bewildering. In the first verse he's called «God.» At the climax of the book he's worshiped as Lord and God (20:28). On the other hand, he says he can't do a thing without the okay of his Father (5:19, 30). How are we to understand this profound yet puzzling figure?
Uniquely equipped as both a New Testament scholar and engaging pastoral communicator, Randy Rheaume shows how the contrasts in John's portrait of Jesus (especially his deity and his sonship) fit together and are meaningful and helpful for the Christian life. Is Jesus really God? If so, what difference does it make? How can he be God and yet in submission to God? Why didn't he ever say, «I am God! Worship me!»? How does the Son's role differ from the Father's? If God is more than one person, how do prayer and worship work? How can I know God better? What will make eternity with God so fun that we'll never get bored? Is the Trinity truly biblical? And where does the Holy Spirit come into the picture? Rheaume's exploration probes John's Gospel and provides profound insight into these and related questions.

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Richard Roberts What the Bible REALLY Says about Prosperity

This mini book by Richard is all about biblical prosperity…what the Bible actually says about the God-kind of giving and sharing God's love and about learning God's principles for getting our needs met by Him.

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Robert C. Pelfrey Still Moving

Speaking about love, Jesus said we should be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. Was Jesus joking? Was he setting us up for failure? Or was Jesus offering us a greater experience of God's love than we are currently settling for? Still Moving is about the journey of love's perfection. God wants to make us perfect in love in this life. And God wants us to strive after God's perfect and perfecting love.
Still Moving is for individuals and groups seeking to give shape to their formation, to clarify the goal of their faith, and to live in deeper intimacy with God. Areas include:
–Learning and living God's will for your life and for the world –Joining your life story to God's story and cultivating the mind of Christ –Simplifying your bodily life and experiencing God's power in your body –Living intentionally from the deepest part of your being in union with God –Tearing down personal and societal walls of prejudice, class, violence, and ideology
Still Moving includes sections for group discussion or further personal exploration and action. So let's go! The journey of love's perfection begins with the first step.

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Margaret Therkelsen The Prayer Experiment

Are you without an answer to an important prayer? Do you pray until you feel you cannot pray anymore? Do you feel discouraged because you have tried to measure up to God's expectations and still nothing has changed? Do you want to be free from the hindrances that prevent God from answering your prayers? The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) purely articulates teaching about God's role and our role in bringing about changes to our lives through prayer. Therkelsen emphasizes five deadly barriers to receiving God's transformation: 1) judgment and criticism, 2) lovelessness, 3) unforgiveness, 4) anger, and 5) desire for control. Remembering her mother's «prayer experiments» and drawing on her own prayer life, Therkelsen shares what the Holy Spirit has shown her about partnership with God and about processing God's answer through prayer.

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Eunsoo Kim Time, Eternity, and the Trinity

One of the vital issues in contemporary Christian theology is the problem of a renewed understanding of God's eternity and its relation to time. This is not merely a peripheral doctrinal issue, but lies at the heart of our understanding of God and humanity, and contributes to our entire worldview. This study focuses on a long-standing debate between two competing views on God's eternity: one focused on God's absolute timelessness in classical theism, and the other on God's temporal everlastingness in contemporary panentheism. In contrast to both of these well-worn options, this book presents an alternative Trinitarian analogical understanding of God's eternity and its relation to time, especially through a critical reflection on Karl Barth's and Hans Urs von Balthasar's engagement of the issue. This analogical approach, based on the dynamic and dramatic concepts of God's being-in-relation and of the Triune God's communicative action in eternity and time, has the potential to resolve the debate between absolute timeless eternity and temporal everlasting duration.

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Leslie McKinney Attema Accepted in the Beloved

Are you struggling with fully accepting that God loves you? If you or someone you know has suffered abuse, you are not alone. Abuse of women is a global problem. One out of every four Christian women suffers from physical, emotional, spiritual, economic, or sexual abuse. Women who have suffered abuse often find it difficult to experience God's love. Accepted in the Beloved is a Bible study that will help and encourage women who desire to know and experience God's love and acceptance, and will help equip pastors or pastoral caregivers to support and assist survivors of abuse. The six-lesson journey through Accepted in the Beloved will encourage healing, growth, and transformation. Each lesson includes three different sections: Learning God's Truth, to enlighten the mind through a study of the truths in God's word and to accurately illuminate the character of our loving Creator; Experiencing God, to encourage a deeper experience of God's presence through contemplative exercises that develop heart knowledge of God's truth and foster spiritual transformation; and Sharing God's Love, to encourage women to reach out beyond themselves as they apply what they have learned from the study to their lives and relationships. With an encouraging tone and transformative content, Accepted in the Beloved will help women find healing and wholeness in the love of the crucified Lord.

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James C. McGlothlin The Logiphro Dilemma

Is God above logic? If so, is he irrational? Is God subservient to logic? If so, is he really omnipotent? These questions are similar to Socrates' infamous challenge to explaining God's relation to morality, the so-called Euthyphro dilemma. In this book McGlothlin argues that the Euthyphro challenge can be extended to help explain the relationship between God and logic, what he call the Logiphro dilemma. Logic, on this account, depends on aspects of God's mind other than God's will. This is a nonstandard form of theistic logical dependence. It contrasts both with the standard form of theistic logical dependence, according to which logic depends on God's will, and with theistic logical independence, according to which logic is independent of God. These rival views can be seen as the horns of the Logiphro dilemma: either logic depends on God's will, in which case special revelation would no longer be communicable; or logic is independent of God, in which case core claims of classical theism–for example, that God is the only independent being–would be violated. The best way to escape both of these horns, according to McGlothlin, is to adopt the nonstandard form of theistic logical dependence.

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Viktorinos rezultatai |

Portalas 15min kviečia pasitikrinti žinias apie savo gimtąjį kraštą ir kovo 7 d. sudalyvauti unikaliame renginyje – Nacionalinėje viktorinoje! Nacionalinė viktorina – tai individualus žinių patikrinimo konkursas, kurio metu įvairiuose Lietuvos ir užsienio miestuose susirinkę žmonės tikrinasi žinias apie Lietuvą. Šiemet Nacionalinė viktorina pirmąkart vyks ir internete.

Приметы и суеверия на Новый год 2018

А вы знаете, как правильно провести старый 2017 -й год и встретить 2018-й, чтобы он стал светлым и безоблачным? В праздничную ночь нужно обратиться внимание на некоторые вещи, по которым можно узнать будущее. А суеверия под

Nacionalinė viktorina – žinių patikrinimo konkursas apie ...

Portalas 15min kviečia pasitikrinti žinias apie savo gimtąjį kraštą ir kovo 7 d. sudalyvauti unikaliame renginyje – Nacionalinėje viktorinoje! Nacionalinė viktorina – tai individualus žinių patikrinimo konkursas, kurio metu įvairiuose Lietuvos ir užsienio miestuose susirinkę žmonės tikrinasi žinias apie Lietuvą. Šiemet Nacionalinė viktorina pirmąkart vyks ir internete.

2018 svatba Elišky Pecinové a Honzy Viktorina – farajes ...

TIP Změny uložíte také pokračováním na další fotku či video a zrušíte je klávesou ESC. Přidejte do popisu štítky (např. #svatba #cestování) a fotku video tak objeví více lidí. Uložit popis fotky videa. 0. 0. Facebook Twitter Zkopírovat adresu. Nahlásit fotku Nahlásit video. 2018 svatba Elišky Pecinové a Honzy Viktorina. farajes • Sledovat. Komentovat je možné ...

«АгроВесна 2018» открыла новый сельскохозяйственный сезон!

28.02.2018. Почти 18 тысяч аграриев со всей Украины и еще 29 стран начали новый агросезон с посещения Восьмых международных выставок «Зерновые технологии», Agro Animal Show и «Фрукты. Овощи. Логистика», которые состоялись 21-23 февра

США и Украина вышли на новый уровень военного ...

28.04.2018 23:49 129 США и Украина вышли на новый уровень военного сотрудничества Иллюстративное фото из открытых источников . Политика. Развитие взаимодействия между Украиной и США в сфере военной помощи и безопасности ...

ViktoriaSarina Quizzes - Quiz und Test Spass

- Aktualisiert am 18.02.2020 - Entwickelt am 22.05.2018 - 142.452 Aufrufe Du wartest immer sehnsüchtig auf ein Video von Viki und Sarina? Du hast bisher keines verpasst?

NA POŠTĚ - Services | Facebook

NA POŠTĚ, Cheb. 200 likes · 18 talking about this · 73 were here. Dobré pivo: Pilsner Urquell Gambrinus Velkopopovický Kozel Letní terasa Živá hudba Grilovačky Akce a zábava TV a WiFi Pizza

Сергей Шкатуло | Facebook

Скажем до свидание ТИЦ!<br>

НАШІ ГРОШІ – Новий монополіст виграв 24 мільйони на ...

Столична «Стенсіс Кепітал» зареєстрована в листопаді 2018 року зі статутним капіталом 100 грн. Засновником було юридичне ТОВ «Енердж Сістем» Олександра Терлецького, а директором – Михайло Порхун. А згодом її ...

Aktuálne online správy na internete, videosprávy | Nový Čas

Pozrite si aktuálne správy na internete. Novinka na online verzii Nového Času, kde vás správami bude sprevádzať známa dvojica moderátorov, Marianna Ďurianová a Pavel Bruchala

Nacionalinė viktorina | Protų...

2018 m., Lietuvos šimtmečio proga, Nacionalinė viktorina atkurta naujo organizatorių kolektyvo – Ugniaus Antanavičiaus, Augustino Žemaičio, Ilmos Vienažindytės ir kitų. Pagrindinis rėmėjas – 15 min. Pasikeitusios taisyklės priartintos prie Pasaulio viktorinos čempionato, o klausimai pasiliko tik apie Lietuvą.

Spomienka na Jozefa Karola Viktorína v mestečku Vyšehrad v ...

organizujú spomienku na významnú osobnosť kňaza obce Vyšehrad, vydavateľa, publicistu, organizátora slovenského kultúrneho života v Uhorsku v 19. storočí Jozefa Karola Viktorína (1822 – 1874), ktorá sa uskutoční 28. júla 2018 (sobota) o 10:30 . v mestečku Vyšehrad (Visegrad) v Maďarsku. pri jeho pamätnej tabuli na budove školy na Rév u. 2025. Spomienky sa pravidelne ...

Viktoria (Name) – Wikipedia

Victoria Kalima (1972–2018), sambische Politikerin (MMD, PF) Victoria Tugendreich von Kanitz (1657–1717), deutsche Adlige und Wohltäterin Viktorina Kapitonova (* 1985), russische Ballerina

Как правильно загадать желание на Новый год Собаки 2018

Связь со своим Ангелом-хранителем поможет узнать, как правильно загадать желание на Новый год Собаки 2018. Практика «11 дней чудес» открывает секреты, как общаться со своим Ангелом-хранителем и воплощать в жизнь ...

Družstvo Viktorina LOCA Příbor - Facebook

Družstvo Viktorina LOCA Příbor. 809 likes · 28 talking about this · 8 were here. Družstevní obchůdek VIKTORINA LOCA se snaží podporovat místní zemědělce a výrobce potravin, prodávat potraviny s...

Tipy na víkend 11.5.-13.5.2018 | TIC Nový Jičín

2018 v 17:00 CIRKUS ŠIMEK . Na programu: drezúra sibiřských a bengálských tygrů, drezúra koní, velbloudů, lam, holandských koz a jiných zvířat. Vystoupí artisté, akrobaté a klauni. Fotografování se zvířaty. Cirkusový stan je vyhříván. Pokladna a cirkusové zoo je otevřeno od 10.00 hod. Místo konání: K Pasekám, v blízkosti Bubla ranče Kopřivnice 11. 5. 2018 od ...

И смешно, и грустно. Бориса Дубровского под Новый год ...

ФАС считал, что с 2015 по 2018 год более 90 % всех контрактов на ремонт и строительство дорог в области были заключены с одной фирмой. Несколько из них – на 2,4 млрд рублей – сочли незаконными. После этого Дубровский покинул ...

Viktorija • Sezona • TvProfil

Pogled na privatne i poslovne živote zaposlenika bolnice Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Od Emmyjem nagrađivanog izvršnog producenta Dicka Wolfa (franšiza “Zakon... Narkos (2015) danas. Hit serija koju su kreirali i producirali Kris Brankato, Karlo Bernard i Dag Miro, smeštena je i snimljena u Kolumbiji, što joj dodatno daje na uverljivosti. Prve... Virus (2014) danas. Triler u čijem ...

Novy Rogachik - Wikipedia

(2018) 6,924 (−3.4%) Time zone: UTC+4 (MSK+1 ) Postal code(s) 403020. OKTMO ID: 18605156051: Novy Rogachik (Russian: Новый Рогачик) is an urban locality (an urban-type settlement) in Gorodishchensky District of Volgograd Oblast, Russia. Population: 7,166 (2010 Census); 7,558 (2002 Census); 6,192 (1989 Census). References. This Mikhaylovsky District, Volgograd Oblast location ...

Кохання на виживання. Дивитися онлайн всі сезони Кохання ...

Дивитися онлайн Кохання на виживання. Всі сезони проекту Кохання на виживання усі випуски та всі сезони

Новий рік на Софійській площі 2018, Київ, Київ, Софійська ...

Купуйте квитки онлайн на Новий рік на Софійській площі 2018, Київ, Київ, Софійська площа, Київ. 19-12-2017 19:00. Новий рік на Софії 2018 проходитиме під назвою «НеоРік на Софії»...

Поздравления на Новый Год 2018 листівки, привітання на ...

Поздравления на Новый Год 2018. Белый снег кругом искрится, Светятся гирлянды ярко! Лошадь в двери к нам стучится, Принеся для всех подарки: И удачу, и терпенье, И отличное здоровье, И, конечно, поздравленья С новым ...

Sergey Chirkov - IMDb

Sergey Chirkov, Actor: Na igre. Sergey Chirkov is an actor, known for Na igre (2009), Rubezh (2018) and Na igre 2. Novyy uroven (2010).

Viktorínova, Bratislava -

Viktorínova, Bratislava. na, portál o trasách a regiónoch SR. Jozef Karol Viktorin (v matrike Wiktorinn, , 12. marec 1822, Zavar - † 21. júl 1874, Budapešť) bol slovenský kňaz, národný buditeľ, vydavateľ slovenskej literatúry, organizátor kultúrneho života a publicista.. Životopis Pochádzal z rodiny moravského roľníka a grófskeho záhradníka Antona Viktorina a ...

Nubert und Air Motion Transformer? - Seite 5 - Nubert ...

Aug 2018, 21:20 @ Viktor Novyy Na gut , wenn wir nicht mehr streiten "müssen" , dann laß uns gedanklich zur Abkühlung der Gemüter (und allgemein) einen Regentanz aufführen.

На «Львівському бронетанковому заводі» – новий директор ...

Новини » Економіка 17 вересня, 2018, 11:49 . Читать эту новость на русском ; На «Львівському бронетанковому заводі» – новий директор. Львівський бронетанковий завод. Фото: Микола Тис/zik. Я погоджуюсь з правилами сайту та пол�

Hübsche Frauen aus Novyy Sochi | Frauen in der Nähe ...

Die hübschesten Frauen aus Novyy Sochi. ist eine Dating-Webseite mit über 1,5 Millionen Nutzern. Treffen Sie die hübschesten Frauen aus Novyy Sochi, chatten Sie mit ihnen und finden Sie Ihren Treffer. Egal ob Sie nur chatten möchten oder Ihren Traumpartner finden wollen, Sie sind definitiv am richtigen Ort. Sentimente bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihren Seelenverwandten zu ...

Украина презентовала новый беспилотник на выставке в ОАЭ ...

28.08.2018 128 В Украине появились беспилотники на солнечных батареях В Украине появились беспилотники на солнечных батареях 20.10.2019 340 В Украине провели испытания «Демона»: опубликовано видео ...

Nacionalinė viktorina - Lietuva

2018 m. sausio 27 d. (šeštadienį) dvidešimtyje Lietuvos miestų, tarp jų ir Tauragėje , vyks unikalus žinių apie Lietuvą patikrinimo konkursas – Nacionalinė viktorina. Valstybės šimtmečio proga organizuojamo renginio metu dalyviai varžysis, tikrindami savo žinias apie Lietuvos kultūrą, istoriją, gamtą, visuomenę ir t. t. Viktorinoje galės dalyvauti kiekvienas norintis ...

Realme kommer att föra till MWC 2020 en ny smartphone med ...

Företaget Realme (ett undervarumärke för OPPO) har nyligen lyckats glädja köpare med X50-smarttelefonen. Men innan företagets fans hade tid att njuta av 5G-smarttelefonen fanns det rykten om presentationen av det nya flaggskeppet.

У Києві занедбану територію біля Дніпра перетворюють на ...

У Києві триває будівництво сучасного парку біля затоки Берковщина у Дарницькому районі. До кінця року тут розпланують територію, прокладуть інженерні мережі, збудують автостоянку, громадську вбиральню та будинок ...

Сектор Газа Песенка (Новый Звук 2018) - скачать бесплатно ...

На этой странице вы можете скачать mp3 Сектор Газа - Песенка (Новый Звук 2018) бесплатно и слушать песню онлайн в плеере, качай музыку в хорошем качестве.

Zirsinalith – Wikipedia

Zirsinalith ist ein sehr selten vorkommendes Mineral aus der Mineralklasse der „Silikate und Germanate“ mit der idealisierten chemischen Zusammensetzung Na 6 CaZrSi 6 O 18 und ist damit chemisch gesehen ein Natrium-Calcium-Zirconium-Silikat, das strukturell zu den Ringsilikaten gehört. Da in natürlichen Zirsinalithen jedoch oft ein Teil des Calciums durch Mangan und/oder Eisen ersetzt ...

Красиві листівки на новий рік собаки 2018 листівки ...

Красиві листівки, привітання Красиві листівки на новий рік собаки 2018 привітай друга разом з

Опублікували новий графік руху поїздів з Луцька на 2018 рік

На сайті "Укрзалізниці" з'явився оновлений графік руху потягів зі станції "Луцьк" на 2017-2018 роки. "Графік є попередніми і до моменту його впровадження можливі зміни", - повідомили в прес-службі залізничників.

Matrimoniale Khutor Novyy Iozefstal' | Femei si Barbati ...

Matrimoniale Khutor Novyy Iozefstal' | Sentimente Matrimoniale si chat online cu persoane chiar din orasul tau. Sentimente este cea mai mare comunitate de matrimoniale din Romania, cu peste 1,5 milioane de utilizatori activi. Esti interesat de chat online cu persoane din Khutor Novyy Iozefstal' sau vrei o relatie serioasa cu o persoana de langa tine? Atunci Sentimente este pentru tine, fie ca ...

Viktoria, 32, Augsburg - ""

Viktoria из города Augsburg, Германия хочет познакомиться с мужчиной в возрасте 31 - 40 лет в районе Бавария, Германия. Чтобы отправить ей сообщение, а также общаться с тысячами других пользователей, вам надо войти в сайт (если у ...

Mortimer Adler How to Prove There Is a God

One of the great tasks of Mortimer Adler&#8217;s illustrious life was his search for a watertight proof of the existence of God. Adler believed that his search had been successful.Adler spent years studying the classic proofs of God&#8217;s existence, especially Aquinas&#8217;s Five Ways, and found shortcomings in all of them, as conventionally understood. But he thought that some of them contained ideas which, if properly developed, could be improved, and he continued to search for a satisfying and logically unassailable proof. Toward the end of the 1970s, he believed he had arrived at such a proof, which he presented in his historic work, How to Think about God (1980). In the writings assembled in How to Prove There Is a God, Adler gives us his approach to the question of God&#8217;s existence in fresh and popular form. He defends his position against critics, both believers and skeptics. The book includes a transcript of one of Adler&#8217;s appearances on William Buckley&#8217;s Firing Line, Adler&#8217;s revealing interview with Edward Wakin, the exchange of views on natural theology between Adler and Owen Gingerich, and John Cramer&#8217;s eloquent argument that the trend of modern cosmology supports Adler&#8217;s early struggles with the question of God's existence.

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LeeDell Stickler Stories of the Kingdom - eBook [ePub]

Jesus was a great teacher. He always used examples of activities the people knew about in order to teach them what He wanted them to know. When Jesus talked about the «Kingdom of God,» he used stories of people doing ordinary things to show His listeners what it meant to live in God's kingdom. <br /> <br /> Included in «Stories of the Kingdom» are four stories that will help children know how to live in God's kingdom:<br /> The Sower (hearing God's word and putting it into action), <br /> The Good Samaritan (loving your neighbor), <br /> The Lost Sheep (our importance to God), and <br /> The Forgiving Father (God's unconditional love for us).

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Inc World Prayr Walking in God's Grace

What does God's grace mean to you? This question has often brought confusion and controversy to Christians everywhere. The team at World Prayr want you to understand just how amazing God's grace is. They want to dispel any confusion. They would like you to understand that you too can walk in God's grace, but only because it is God's grace that enables you. In fact, it is all God's grace, all the way. This book is divided into 36 questions, including: What is “grace”? Is there such a thing as too much grace? What about “repentance”? Is there ever a point where God's grace ends and we have to fill in with our own efforts? Something bad is happening or has happened in my life. Is God punishing me? Each question is answered in detail with substantial scripture references provided so that you can continue to study the topic for yourself directly from Scripture. In addition, there is a list of resources for further study in the back which can help you in a much deeper study of the meaning of grace. God's grace is sufficient, for everything, everywhere, and at every time. This book will help you apply that in your life.

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James W. Skillen God’s Sabbath with Creation

The biblical story is about more than sin and salvation. It is about the creator's purposes and the fulfillment of those purposes in the climactic revelation of God's glory in Sabbath with creation. Christ Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the one through whom all things are created and all things are fulfilled. We are creatures made in God's image, called to develop and govern the earth in service to God. The exercise of human responsibility in this age plays a major part in the revelation of God's glory. Every vocation matters for creation's seventh-day fulfillment: family, friendships, worship, civic responsibility, and our work in every sphere of life. The Son of God became one with us. He died for sinners while they still rebelled, and he was raised to life as the last Adam–the life-giving Spirit of the age to come. Christ is reconciling all things to God, including all that belongs to the responsibility of God's sixth-day royal priesthood. That is why God's promise in Christ is that those who die in the Lord will rest from their labors and their deeds will follow them.

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Joshua C. Miller Hanging by a Promise

Oswald Bayer is one of the most important contemporary interpreters of Martin Luther and confessional Lutheran theologians. As a Luther scholar, Bayer has identified the precise reformational turning point in Luther's life and theology, which is also the central point for a truly Lutheran theology: the promise of a forgiving and justifying God preached in Jesus Christ. As a Lutheran theologian, Bayer stresses that this promise of God is the ultimate subject matter of all theology, and that all other theological topics have the justifying promise of God as their basis and boundary. Hanging by a Promise investigates how Bayer addresses Luther's topic of the hidden God–a God of wrath who accomplishes everything–from the standpoint of the justifying promise of God. Luther's doctrine of the hidden God has been taken up, discussed, and interpreted by many in the modern Protestant theological tradition. Yet, Bayer addresses it in a way in which others before him have not. Going beyond interpretation and evaluation, Bayer actually makes use of Luther's hidden God in his own theology. For Bayer, the hidden God is the counterpoint to God's gracious promise given in the preached Christ, a counterpoint that brings serious tension into the very heart of theology.

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Roy D. Kindelberger Sharing in God’s Presence

Sharing in God's Presence means far more than «getting saved» and experiencing God's blessing in our lives. As believers, his presence becomes a very personal part of who we are and what we do–God actually shares himself with us!
The language that we use often fails to capture the depths of God's nature penetrating ours, the fullness of his Spirit permeating our hearts, and the innermost infusion of his presence in our lives. But the truth couldn't be more intimate: «The person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with him» (1 Corinthians 6:17)!
This book is an invitation to share in God's presence by allowing God to share himself with you. God wants everyone to share in his embrace. As we accept our responsibility for prayer, ministry, and even revival, we share in the very precious dynamic of give and response that's involved in an intimate walk with Jesus Christ.
For a general readership, this book is a reworking of material from the second half of the author's academic work God's Absence and the Charismatic Presence.

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Rafael Rodriguez If You Call Yourself a Jew

If You Call Yourself a Jew reads Romans as a dialogue between Paul and a Gentile proselyte to Judaism. This fresh reading brings Romans into focus as Paul's exposition of the revelation of God's righteousness–his faithfulness to his covenant promises to Abraham, which climaxed in the announcement that «in you all the tribes of the earth will be blessed» (Gen 12:3). Paul insists that the righteousness of God is revealed, «for the Jew first as well as for the Greek,» not through Torah but through the faith(fullness) of Jesus. Torah and the prophets provide corroborating witness for God's righteousness, but Gentiles who bend their necks to Torah's yoke miss the actual mechanism for finding peace with God. Paul found in the story of Jesus the image of complete faith in/faithfulness to God; in Jesus' resurrection he found the image of God's complete faithfulness, «for the Jew first as well as for the Greek.» Whereas Torah resulted in curse and death, it also anticipated the unconditional faithfulness of God for both Jew and Gentile. For Paul, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the account of the outworking of God's faithfulness: the end of Torah's curses and the fulfillment of its blessings.

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Reuben Bredenhof Hallowed

Hallowed is a fresh study of the Lord's Prayer against its Old Testament background. Rather than give an entirely new model for speaking with God, Jesus drew the message of his prayer from the Psalms, the ancient prayer book of God's people. In the Psalms, believers approach God in worship, seek him for life's necessities, confess their sins, and ask for his mercy. Echoing these prayerful voices, Jesus taught a profound lesson in what delights God when his people pray. From this we will learn how to hallow God's name in prayer and all of life, and we will be encouraged with the Father's promise that he always hears the voice of his children in Christ.

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Регулятор скорости Noctua NA-FC1

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NA-FC1 Noctua

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J. Hamilton Weston The Battle for Eternity

There is an eternal battle going on around all of us, a battle for our souls. How is this battle fought? Where is there safety? Author and pastor J. Hamilton Weston believes this battle is crucial and that we need to know what is going on and what God has provided for our protection in this battle. Looking at scripture, Weston discusses the nature of the conflict, who are our enemies, and then takes on what we have on our side in this conflict: God&rsquo;s armor, God&rsquo;s protection, God&rsquo;s promises, and yes, God&rsquo;s rewards. You can&rsquo;t avoid this conflict. It&rsquo;s happening around you. But you can be victorious. This book will help guide you to the right path.

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